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Frequent questions

Important:Melwin Herbologo INC herbal blends are not drugs, they are not supplements, they are not intended to heal, cure or treat diseases. Always check with your doctor before using herbs. These products are not endorsed by the FDA.

How many herbs do the herb packets come in?
Herb packets bring in about 60 teaspoons.
How long does the tea last in its packaging?
Herbs are 45 days old. After 40 days the herbs are prone to fungus, for this reason the herbal packages are for approximately 30 days of consumption.
Do you ship to the US?
If shipments are made to all US territories.
How much herb do I use per cup of tea or infusion?
You will use a small teaspoon or tablespoon per cup of water.
How is the tea or infusion prepared?
You apply the indicated amount of the herbs in the already hot water and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes.
How many cups of tea or infusion can I have per day?
You can have 3 cups of the same tea and no more than 5 cups a day of 8oz of different tea