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About us?

Melwin Herbologo is an idea that was born 7 years ago in order to help Puerto Ricans improve their quality of life through FITOTERPIA (therapy with infusions of medicinal plants). Its creator, Melwin Pagán, has traveled through various indigenous communities and cities in South America, searching and studying the different benefits and applications of plants according to each territory or community.

Melwin has been certified as an Expert in Medicinal Plants, which has been of great importance for his profession, expansion and recognition at national and international level, developed his own line of teas and infusions focused on improving the health of all his clients and followers providing a natural alternative for the prevention of different diseases and health conditions.

We focus on improving the standards of our products every day to offer a good quality supplement and above all with the characteristics that our customers demand; organic, chemical-free, with no colorants or added sugars, all created by hand.

Our vision is to continue growing and creating awareness of the importance of consuming herbal teas and tea, promoting a healthier lifestyle through prevention and accompanied by a good diet. We want our message and our products to reach the farthest corners, and in this way offer a way to help society.